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  • Bianca Gade

    Bianca Gade

    Deutsch-Brasilianerin | #Abenteuer #Sport & #Outdoor Junky http://www.lebedraussen.de | Corporate Communcations Manager @netmedianer #socbiz

  • Chris Allen

    Chris Allen

    In the bay area, working on a startup.

  • Martin Wanke

    Martin Wanke

    Kommentieren, was die Welt im Innersten zusammenhält. Details hier oder unter http://t.co/Vwf5NtgS.

  • Dirk Forster

    Dirk Forster

    Saarländer, Social Media Fuzzi für piranja-cola, Community Manager youPEC AG, Netzmensch, Ponybesitzer, Zocker und Rautavist.

  • JT Nimoy

    JT Nimoy

    Creative Technologist Multiracial Queer Trans Womxn of Color, with negative levels of privilege.

  • Nathan


    ♥ all things web | 💻 developer with a passion for design 🎨 | design systems are lit 🔥 | 🎧 music is my life | he/him | 26

  • Packt Publishing

    Packt Publishing

    Providing books, eBooks, video tutorials, and articles for IT developers, administrators, and users.

  • Lars Kumbier

    Lars Kumbier

    IT Consultant

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